Fredericton Community Church

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CAGH - Community Action Group On Homelessness

The Community Action Group on Homelessness is a joint community program of nonprofit organizations, government representatives and community leaders who are working together to end homelessness in Fredericton. 

They strengthen community capacity to end homelessness in Fredericton through collective planning, collaboration and community engagement


Emergency Measures Organisation

The New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization (NB EMO) co-ordinates preparedness for emergencies. EMO also co-ordinates provincial response operations during emergencies and administers disaster financial assistance programs.

Sun Committee - Supportive Housing Network

The SUN Committee has been in operation since 2010. SUN is a supportive housing network which is made up of various community partners with the desire to help long-time occupants of the Fredericton Shelters move into permanent housing.
The SUN Committee is providing the basic necessities along with on-going support to ensure that the transition from homelessness/near homelessness is successful and can be sustained.

Food Banks Canada

FBC is a national charity dedicated to helping Canadians living with food insecurity. They support a network of Provincial Associations, Affiliate food banks, and food agencies that work at the community level to relieve hunger. Together, the network assists close to 850,000 Canadians who turn to food banks each month. They raise food & funds to share within the network; support the programs and services of the member food banks and influence policy through research, awareness raising, and advocacy. We are a member food bank.

The Salvation Army NRO (National Recycling Organisation) Thrift Store

National Recycling Operations' (NRO) role, within the context of The Salvation Army, is both to generate funds to help The Salvation Army achieve its mission, and to influence positively the communities in which we operate.

By operating successful Thrift Stores and integrating with the mission and work of The Salvation Army as a whole, we exist to be a functioning and thriving modern day model of William Booth's conceived "Household Salvage Brigade" through which the marginalized and excluded of society will be refreshed and regenerated by way of meeting their practical needs.

NRO thrift stores are managed from our national headquarters (Territorial Headquarters) and not by the local Salvation Army church or Family Services unit.

Rotary Club

Rotary‚Äôs aim is to build a better world, emphasizing service activities by individuals and groups that enhance the quality of life and human dignity, encouraging high ethical standards, and creating greater understanding among all people to advance the search for peace in the world.

A number of individuals connected to our congregation are Rotarians - consequently the Rotary Club in Fredericton and The Salvation Army have a warm, cooperative relationship.

Northside Ministerial

The Northside Ministerial is made up of clergy members representing congregations from many different church denominations - all located on the north-side of Fredericton. They meet regularly for fellowship, support & prayer. They also assist each other on special projects, as organised.