Fredericton Community Church

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Fredericton Citadel Brass Band

The Salvation Army has a long tradition of brass banding. The first Salvation Army ensemble was formed in 1878 and since then the brass band has spread throughout the Salvation Army world. (Currently 127 countries).

The Fredericton Citadel Band was formed in 1895. Since then it has accompanied the singing during worship services, performed Gospel music in many different genres and styles, played at seniors homes, public events & even serenaded on the street corners at Christmastime.

The current band is made up of 13 players.
The current band is made up of 13 players
 Bill Russell
 1st Cornet
 Cody Russell
 2nd Cornet
 Sarah Bishop
 Eb Tenor Horn
 Barbara Kernighan
 Valorie Gallagher
 Eileen Russell
 Alex Bishop
 Doreen Fleet
 Daniel Schriver
 Eb Bass (Tuba)
 Kevin Brewer
 Tara Moss
Every member of the band is a committed Christian and they use their musical abilities to serve and glorify God.
We are currently looking for new players, so if you are a committed Christian and can play a Cornet, Flugal Horn, Eb Tenor Horn, Baritone, Euphonium, Trombone, Eb or Bb Bass (Tuba) then we'd like to hear from you!
Time-wise, you would be committed to band practice at 7pm each Wednesday night and to our Sunday morning meeting at 11am. Other engagements will be announced as they occur. If interested, please contact the church office to express an interest.

Worship Teams

A 'Worship Team' is basically a group of musicians and singers who lead the congregational singing during worship services.

We are privileged to have 3 worship teams at Fredericton Community Church.

Group 1: - CSM Betty & Keith Young, Mjr. Elizabethe Janes. All will contribute to vocals whist Mjr Elizabethe will play piano.

Group 2:- Kevin & Sherry Brewer, Mjr. Elizabethe Janes. Again all will contribute vocally whilst Kevin will play guitar.

Group 3: - The Youth Worship Team. Consisting of Alex & Sarah Bishop, Cody Russell & Daniel Schriver, all will contribute vocally to the group. Alex plays box drum, whilst Cody plays guitar & Daniel the bass guitar.

Each group is on 'duty' by rotation. Come along and hear them at a Sunday service. If you want to participate we are open to discussion. 

Vocalists & Pianists

We have a wealth of high-quality vocalists who sing in rotation each week. These include:- 
              Keith Young (Southern Gospel style)
              Kevin & Sherrie Brewer (Southern Gospel style)
              The Hallelujah Boys (Bluegrass group)
              Frank & Marg Lunn (Country 'n Western style)
We also have a number of competent pianists who regularly contribute in rotation to our worship services. These include:- 
              Major Elizabethe Janes
              Marg Stafford
              Grace Hornibrook

Puppet Ministry

Under the leadership of Mr. Kevin Brewer the puppet ministry involves many of your young adults and youth as performers. The puppet team will put on special performances at specific times of the year (e.g. Easter, Christmas etc,)
However, periodically they will also perform during our regular Sunday worship services.
This is a fun and exciting ministry to be part of, but it is also a powerful ministry tool that brings home biblical truths in a fun way to the audience who are watching.

Drama Ministry

A number of our young adults have previously gotten together to perform skits and drama items during our worship services. It is anticipated that this will continue and it is hoped a more formal troop will be formed as part of our review of the Young Adult Ministries.

Audio Visual Team

Every week our Audio Visual booth is manned by Ron Whitlock & Keith Young.
Ron is responsible for the operation of the computerised visual equipment, whilst Keith ensures the highest of sound quality in our services.

Should Ron or Keith be unavailable they deputised Robert Cooper

This is a 'background' ministry that often goes unacknowledged and unnoticed - yet it is vital to the quality of                                                                                 the worship experience for those attending. We do want to                                                                                       take this opportunity to thank all of those involved.